Rutgers Wins! Gentry, Cappelle, Margason, Coulter & Miller to Scholar Athlete Society

In an effort that serves as an example to all athletes, Rutgers Football team was seriously shaken early in its game against Louisville but, by the end of half-time, Rutgers had re-focused and re-committed.  Led by their defensive and offensive linemen, Rutgers methodically picked Louisville apart, won the war in the trenches and secured the greatest football victory in Rutgers history.  During half-time the following crew athletes were inducted into the Scholar Athlete Honor Society: Todd Gentry (heavyweight), Jeff Cappelle & Danan Margason (lightweight) Kaitlin Coulter & Annikea Miller (women). 

We continue to hope that Rutgers will recognize that football success and olympic sport survival/success are not mutually exclusive, they go hand in hand.  Hoping however will not get it done – every crew, tennis, swimming and fencing athlete, parent and alumnus must actively and vocally advocate for the survival of these programs. 

Silence amounts to acceptance.  There is no question that, as a group, the olympic sports advocates are shaken and discouraged but, like the football team, YOU must get up, re-focus, re-commit and get back in the game.  It’s yours to lose.