April 8, 2006
Wednesday, 10 April 1996

Varsity Lightweight: The varsity lightweight crew, coached by John Parker, lost to Navy and Columbia.  Navy 6:12.1, Columbia 6:15.9, Rutgers 6:21.7.  The JV Lightweights, also coached by John Parker, lost to Navy but beat Columbia.  Navy JV 6:19.2, Rutgers 6:24.9, Columbia 6:42.7; The varsity four lost to Navy.  Navy V4 “A” 7:08.2, Navy V4 “B” 7:13.4, Rutgers V4 7:28.6. 

Freshmen/Novice Lightweight: The freshmen lightweight crew, coached by Gabe Winkler, did not enter a Frosh/Novice 8.  Navy beat Columbia.  Navy 6:26.3, Columbia 6:29.9.  The Frosh Four lost to Columbia and Navy “A” but beat Navy “B”.  Columbia 7:17.0, Navy “A” 7:21.9, Rutgers 7:28.0, Navy “B” 7:28.1. 

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