Coach Stringer Says “Do The Right Thing” Mulcahy Says “We’re Building Super Boxes”

Rutgers Olympic Sports athletes, alumni and family members got the Heisman trophy from Rutgers Board of Governors again on Friday.  Their continuing pleas to reinstate lightweight and heavyweight crew, swimming, tennis and fencing were met with a straight arm to the face.  After Coach Stringer and her athletes were honored by the Board of Governors for their national championship performance, Coach Stringer, echoing the sentiments of Rutgers Football legend Paul Robeson, called for fairness, civility and a willingness to “do the right thing” in sports and in life. 

The Board of Governors, appearing not to have heard Ms. Stringer, dropped all pretense of having a rational basis for the olympic sports cuts and moved on to review reports on their plans to spend 500 million dollars on football stadium enhancements (including “superbox” suites) and partnering with Devco to further expand residential development along Easton Avenue (and you thought Florio and McGreevy were bad) – welcome to New Jersey. 

Meadowlands-South is coming – stay tuned for the July Board of Governors meeting, perhaps horse racing along River Road, Jai-Alai in the College Avenue Gym and a Devco parking deck on that silly Rutgers golf course will be next.  Sorry you sad olympic sport student-athletes, Rutgers doesn’t want or need you – stop bothering us.