Where will the future coaches come from?

As many become resigned to the fact that Rutgers varsity lightweight and heavyweight crew programs will cease to exist as of June 2007 one has to wonder where future crew coaches will come from.  It would be interesting to list all of the highschool and collegiate crew coaches Rutgers has produced.  A few are listed below: 

Charlie Butt – Rutgers & Harvard Lightweight Varsity

Scott McKee – Rutgers Lightweight Varsity, Columbia Heavyweight Varsity

Rob Friedrich – Rutgers & Navy Lightweight Varsity

Larry Connell – Rutgers & Penn Heavyweight Freshmen

Chris Morris – Rutgers & Cornell Freshmen Heavyweight

Steve Perry – Rutgers, Navy & Dartmouth Lightweight Varsity

Chuck Crawford – Delaware Heavyweight Varsity

Joe Kleiman – Delaware Lightweight JV

Tom Terhaar – Rutgers Lightweight Freshmen, Columbia Lightweight Varsity, USA Women 

Steve Wagner – FIT, Columbia & Rutgers Heavyweight Varsity

Max Borghard – Dartmouth Lightweight Freshmen, Rutgers Varsity Women

Will Porter – Rutgers Heavyweight Freshmen, Yale Varsity Women

Andy Teitelbaum – Rutgers Lightweight Varsity, Ohio State Varsity Women

Paul Hammond – Rutgers Lightweight Varsity