Rutgers Launches Smear Campaign Against Olympic Sports Advocates

Contrary to what the Athletic Director and a number of the members of the Rutgers Board of Governors  would like to be the case, Rutgers Olympic Sports Advocates have not attacked the Rutgers football program.  Nevertheless, petitions to reinstate lightweight and heavyweight crew, tennis, swimming and fencing have been met with: “Stop attacking football”.  This was true at the October 13, 2006 Board of Governors meeting.  It is also reflected in Bob Mulcahy’s November 1, 2006 Star Ledger Op-Ed piece (click here to view Mr. Mulcahy’s article).  The Rutgers Olympic Sports Advocates are supporters of the unversity and its athletic programs, and they want success for all of the programs, including the football team and those teams that have been arbitrarily and capriciously eliminated by the Athletic Department.