Olympic Sports Advocates Meet with Senator Ellen Karcher

On December 27, 2007, Lisa Pantel, Glenn Pantel, Fran McGovern and Paul Hammond met with Senator Ellen Karcher in her Freehold, New Jersey office.  As in the past, they provided a thorough overview of the history of the cuts, the multiple reasons the Administration claims they are necessary and why these reasons are bogus. 

Senator Karcher expressed sympathy and support and suggested that all of the Olympic Sports athletes, coaches, family members and other supporters come to an “Athletes Day” at the Legislature and contact the Legislators in their district..  Click here for Legislator contact information.

Although Senator Karcher did not say this, it is becoming apparent that, as Mr. Mulcahy has indicated, “the Legislators can’t do anything, there are four people in the Governor’s Office who are making the decisions”.  Mr. Mulcahy should know, as former Chief of Staff for Governor Byrne, he knows his way around the State House and the corridors of power.  Although Governor Byrne’s term seems like it was a long time ago, Mr. Mulcahy still maintains significant relationships and power at the State House.  Nevertheless, we strongly suggest that all athletes, coaches, family members and other supporters attend the “Athletes Day” at the Legislature and contact the legislators in their district.  Also, since Governor Corzine wields the power, we strongly suggest reaching out to him and indicating that, if Rutgers’ funding is to be increased or restored entirely, these valuable programs should also be restored.