History & Tradition are Important

Rutgers football lost for the first time this season on Saturday night.  The loss appeared more  indicative of the adolescent period of Rutgers “big time” football program (mistakes) rather than inferiority.  During this period, Rutgers will show moments of greatness and moments of awkward clumsiness. 

Excellence demands performance at home and away, as the underdog and as the favorite, against the anticipated quarterback and against a new one, with a healthy running back and with an injured one.  With tradition and history, excellence is not a hope or a goal, it’s a given.

History & tradition are important.  Success, begets success.  Success by the ones that came before imposes an obligation on those that come after.  Rutgers football is only writing the beginning chapters of its “big time” football history.  Rather than cutting traditional athletic programs, Rutgers should be demanding more from these programs and their coaches and cultivating a tradition, history and culture of excellence throughout Rutgers Athletic Department.