Friends of Rutgers Crew to Propose Plan

On September 28, 2006, the “Board of Stewards” of the “Friends of Rutgers Crew” announced that it “has met twice [in] the past two weeks to formalize [their] plans and finalize [their] comprehensive proposal that will not only preserve the varsity crew, but

enhance the program through endowments and a new facility. [They] will present [their] plan to President McCormick and the Board of Governors next week.” Click Here to View the Announcement

For some reason, the details of this plan have not been made public for review or comment. Nevertheless, since we share the same goal of preserving and enhancing varsity lightweight and heavyweight crew at Rutgers, we support the effort. We hope, however, that the Friends of Rutgers Crew’s plan addresses the following items at a minimum:

1. The level of boathouse facility control, if any, transferred to the Rutgers Recreation Department is circumscribed such that heavyweight, lightweight and women’s crew activities have priority over any and all other activities to take place at the boathouse facility.

2. An alumni committee comprised of lead donors and others able to exercise significant, if not decisive, influence on firing, hiring, and evaluating coaches.

3. Both the lightweight and heavyweight varsity programs will be preserved.

4. Creation of a significant number of scholarships for women rowers and a lightweight women’s program to enhance the level of equity for women athletes.

5. Provision for New Brunswick Rowing Club and other community based rowing groups such as area high schools in any plan for a new boat house facility.