Football Coach Expresses Concern For Eliminated Olympic Sports

On November 16, 2006, Joe Susan spoke at the Middlesex County Bar Association’s luncheon (click here for pictures).  Joe is the recruiting coordinator and tight end coach for Rutgers Football.  Joe has been an integral part of Greg Schiano’s coaching staff that has made Rutgers the national contender it is.  Joe spoke at length about how proud he is of his athletes as athletes and as young men but noted that no one rests on their laurels or looks past the job at hand.  Joe explained that much of his recruiting is focused on the character of the recruits and that Rutgers has found success with this approach. 

Two questions from the floor focused on whether he felt that football success would foster reinstatement of the eliminated olympic sports.  Understandably, Joe deferred to Athletic Director Mulcahy and indicated that resources for football are his primary concern but he also noted that he was concerned for the teams subjected to the cuts.  Citing his years at Princeton he noted that Princeton fielded a comparable number of varsity sports as Rutgers does without the cuts.  He added however that Princeton has large endowment resources.  We hope that Rutgers football success will continue and increase – primarily for the football athletes themselves. 

As a secondary benefit however, we hope that Rutgers University and the athletic department in particular will also benefit so that Lightweight and Heavyweight Crew will be reinstated and these programs will be provided sufficient funding to secure proper coaching, facilities and equipment.  If the number of new Rutgers sweatshirts on the streets of New Brunswick is any indicator, sweatshirt sales alone could provide this financial boost.