Draft Plan Revisions

  1. Lead donors – donate between $ 2.5 and $ 10 million. Total funds would be determined by the boathouse sale price and anticipated speed of boathouse renovation/reconstruction. Matching funds from lesser donors under planned giving frameworks would have to be added to this along with committments for annual fund giving (for example 40 alumni who committ to $ 2,500 per year for 10 years = $ 1,000,000) etc. etc. Corporate giving may also supplement this.
  2. Using the lead donor funds, Rutgers Crew Association or Friends of Rutgers Crew etc.(assuming 501(c)(3) status had been established and we had received opinion letters as to how the donation would be treated so that the lead donors would be insured of the tax benefits) would buy the boathouse property from Rutgers and lease it back to Rutgers for a relatively nominal sum per year.
  3. The sale proceeds (assume $2.25 million) received by Rutgers would be ear-marked as follows: $750k each to swimming, tennis and fencing with the stipulation that the funds would have to be matched by alumni of those sports so that a total $1.5 million endowment of each head coaching position would be put in place. Assuiming that these endowments could throw off $120,000 each year, $60,000 would go to the coaches salary and $60,000 could be reinvested. This is somewhat similar to what Cornell did. Crew would have to endow its own coaching positions. I am in support of assisting the other sports in this way because the sale proceeds would likely only go to football anyway, these sports should be reinstated too, they have significantly fewer alumni and I believe that under this framework they would assist us greatly in implementing this plan. The sale would relieve Rutgers of certain liabilities including, but not limited to,maintenance,certain insurance liabilities and water rights rental fees. This would also give the Association input into the programs’ operations and would mitigate the extreme and historic problem of lead donors having with no asset and no accountability by the coaching staff. Rutgers wants its athletic programs viewed as and managed as businesses. With this in mind, the University cannot command donations, especially lead capital contributions,without consideration in the way of assets, influence and accountability.
  4. Lead donors would have naming rights for example:”The John Q. Public Rowing Center”, The John Q. Public Head Swimming Coach, The John Q. Public Head Tennis Coach, The John Q. Public Head Fencing Coach etc. etc.
  5. Over the long term, the Association could build a new boathouse with three bays to be used by Rutgers, and two to three other bays to be used (for a fee) by New Brunswick Rowing Club, local high schools such as Rutgers Prep, New Brunswick High,Highland Park etc. and single boat storage. Although this seems like fantasy, it’s not,you may be familiar with Saugatuck Rowing Club . I believe that this is the only real way of providing some protection for the major donors, holding the programs accountable and thereby giving the smaller donors an incentive to donate, providing some income on the business side of things, fostering highschool and club rowing in the New Brunswick area and thereby generating home-grown recruits. The only way to reinstate heavyweight and lightweight crew is to re-invent it- take control of our own destiny. This is consistent with Mr. Gampers’ comments at the July 14, 2006 Board of Governors meeting.
  6. Accountability will involve Rutgers Crew Association or Friends of Rutgers Crew creating review committees for coaches, operating budgets, capital expenditures, equipment, recruiting etc. Ideally, there would be a written committment from Rutgers that the committees’ recommendations would be followed unless there was clear and convincing evidence that they were wrong.
  7. At least ten full paid scholarships would have to be granted to womens crew. It is clear that, because of these cuts, football and other reasons, Rutgers has itself in a bind with respect to Title IX. If the women rowers are going to be used to offset football, they should receive the benefits in an equitable manner.