December BOG Meeting

Representatives from the eliminated Olympic sports were present at the December Rutgers Board of Governors meeting.  Lisa Pantel (Fencing), Jeff Klepacki and Paul Hammond (Crew), and a current athlete from the the Rutgers Men’s Tennis team spoke on behalf of the eliminated teams and urged the Board to reconsider cutting the six sports, but their pleas were once again met with resistance and, at times, harsh rebuttals.  The Board gave little indication, even in light of the continued lobbying by supporters of the sports and continued newspaper articles and editorials asking them to reconsider, that they are going the revisit their earlier decision.  Nonetheless, the continued pressure is having an effect.  We urge all supporters of the six teams to continue to speak out on their behalf.  In particular, we encourage all those New Jersey residents who have not already done so to write their state Assemblymen and Assemblywomen and state Senators.  Please, help continue the fight.